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All the pics proposed on the site are the exclusive property of the Sellerie Languedoc workshop .

Sellerie Languedoc.

5 Impasse de la Bordigue, in Sète 34200 France.

Phone: 06 60 36 97 02

French manufacture.

Quality materials

Tailor-made work.

Model tracking.

French Site

The workshop was created in 2017 and is located in Sète, Occitane France.

All of our creations are manufactured in this workshop, nothing already finished is bought. The completed creations are the result of the transformation of raw materials bought primarily in France if possible, as well as in the European community if these materials were not available in France.

Our materials, be them foam, coated fabric or not, faux-leather, vinyl, various threads, staples and clips, are all carefully selected, are of high quality and allow our creations to stand the test of time.

We use only HR (high resilience) foams, BULTEX© or Dry Feel for our indoor or outdoor upholstery.

Fabrics, coated canvases or faux usually come from Sunbrella© Indoor and Outdoor collections. These fabrics have, for several years, proven their high resistance to both time and the elements.

The threads, staples, presses and grommets we use are also of high quality. They are made of inox for marine upholstery and will be durable for years.

Our materials

“Acknowledgment of a job well done is sometimes  more appreciated than wages.”

Our foams

- Bultex.

- Haute Résilience.

- Polyether.

- DryFeel .

Our fabrics

- Sunbrella Indoor et Outdoor.

- Dixon.

- Serge Ferrari.

* Osborne and Little

The workshop

Details of foams

Details of Fabrics