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You will find on this page the main characteristics of the fabrics and vinyls used by the workshop.

SUNBRELLA. / Marine Canvas with Unparalleled Performance

UV and Fade Resistant

With a 10-year warranty against fading, Sunbrella fabrics hold their vibrant colour even with constant exposure to the sun, salt and chlorine of harsh marine environments..

Mould and Mildew Resistant

All Sunbrella fabrics are mould- and mildew-resistant. Should exposure to dirt, debris and the elements cause mould and mildew to occur, Sunbrella marine canvas can be quickly and easily cleaned with a simple bleach solution.

Bleach Cleanable

When tough stains such as mould or mildew occur, Sunbrella fabrics can be cleaned with bleach without losing colour.

Sun Protection

All Sunbrella marine fabrics hold the Skin Cancer Foundation’s seal of approval, providing valuable protection from the sun so boaters can safely enjoy long hours on the water.

Breathable Comfort

Unlike some marine fabrics that trap heat in, Sunbrella fabrics allow air to pass through, creating a comfortable boating experience for all aboard.


The Dickson-Constant® technical expertise is the happy outcome of the 1969 merger between Dickson®, located in Dunkirk since 1836, and Constant, located in Lille since 1913.

In 1998, Dickson-Constant® joined the American group, Glen Raven®. The alliance between these two outdoor technical textile leaders enabled Dickson® to make a real name for itself, establishing its brand as THE reference for top-quality outdoor fabrics.

Today, the manufacturer produces more than 25 million square metres of fabric at its mill in northern france. The style team, the weavers, the treatment processes, sample shipments and show-room... The entire creative and production chain are fully integrated to provide customized service for clients and purchasing advisors all around the world. The biggest names in outdoor decorating and design as well as the most prestigious restaurants and hotels have already made Dickson® their top choice for outdoor fabrics.


High Durability

More value and less impact: such is our vision of the durability. Composite materials Serge Ferrari do not content with lasting longer that the others. They are also more environment-friendly. Eco-designed, they limit the environmental impacts throughout their life cycle. We are proud to be pioneers regarding collection and regarding recycling of products at the end of life.

Big comfort of use

To enrich his composite materials of new properties, Serge Ferrari mobilizes numerous scientific disciplines (physical appearance(physics), chemistry, mechanics). This conjugation of expertises allows us to offer you solutions always better adapted to the requirements of your daily comfort.

Full protection

The Serge Ferrari technology confers on its materials of the new qualities allowing to protect the people and the properties(goods) against the outside attacks.

Extended Resistance

All the composite materials Serge Ferrari have in common: they are designed to meet specific needs, expressed by the users. Serge Ferrari composite materials have been developed to withstand harsh climatic conditions.

Other fabrics

You will find in our workshop samples corresponding to other ranges and other manufacturers. Do not hesitate to come to the workshop or contact us for more information

“The root of labor is sometimes bitter, But the flavor of its fruits is always exquisite.”

 - Victor Hugo

Our fabrics


For the cutting and sale of our fabrics, know that these exist in several widths.

However, regardless of the fabric chosen, the minimum cut is 1 linear meter.

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