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Sellerie Languedoc.

5 Impasse de la Bordigue, in Sète 34200 France.

Phone: 06 60 36 97 02

French manufacture.

Quality materials

Tailor-made work.

Model tracking.

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From the pilot seat to the complete interior or exterior upholstery of your boat, from the winter cover to the custom carpet, we adapt to your wishes.

We can repair the existing one or create from scratch your upholstery.


Repairs or creations of your cushions, deck chairs, view breezes or wind breezes, shade sails, umbrellas, pergolas, arbours, tents or barnums.

Whether you are a private individual or a company (Bars, hammock, private beach, bed and breakfast), we can meet the majority of your requests.  

Motorcycle and Automotive

Seats, benches, door fittings and interior trim. Motorcycle saddles, hollow, over-bred, comfortable.

Thanks to a wide range of fabrics, leather, vinyl and many mounting options, your saddle or car saddlery will be unique, tailor-made and according to your wishes.


We repair and customize shade sails, blinds, umbrellas, arbours.

The fabrics used are all "high-end" fabrics specially designed for this purpose in order to withstand the weather and the sun.

“Perseverance uses the past, the present and the future to get his way”

- Maria Edgeworth  

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Thanks to a range of coatings dedicated to the medical and paramedical professions (anti-fire, antimicrobial), we can carry out most of the work required in this field.

Examination tables, dentist chairs, etc.


Foam HR or Bultex, from 8 to 18 cm, the workshop can realize almost all combinations of foams and cuts to ensure optimum comfort in your ships, camper or mobile home.

Two quality Tricks to choose from.

Quality Bamboo with 450 gr of fleece polyester and 10 mm of foam.

Polyester quality with 300 gr polyester fleece and 10 mm foam

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