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On this page you will find the main characteristics of the foams used in the workshop.


These are basic synthetic foams with open, honeycombed cells and with low resilience. The polyester foam is a non-expensive material providing a good quality/price value, even though the cushions and mattresses made of such a polyester foam have a tendency to subside quicker than those made of HR or BULTEX foams. They also have a more limited lifespan.

They perfectly adapt to mattresses, padding as well as seats or booster-cushions.

Available densities:


High performance foam with high comfort and durability even with intensive use. Furthermore, the HR foams can be used in public spaces as they are classified as M4 fireproof.

Available densities:

BULTEX© foams.

Made by BULTEX©. This foam's patented formulation makes it an exclusive matter with resilience qualities, elasticity and exceptional longevity. It is a highly ventilated material that is also hypoallergenic, treated against germs and does not attract dust nor mites. These foams, much like the HR foams, can be used in public places thanks to a M4 fireproof classification.

Available densities:

DRY FEEL foams.

The Dry Feel foam is a unique foam tailored for outdoor applications.  Its completely open cellular structure makes moisture evacuation easier, thus preventing the formation of mold.

Available density:

“If you don't take care of our clients,  someone will take care of them instead.”

 - Ken Blanchard

Our foams


The cutting and selling of our foams are available in different thickness and sizes.

However, no matter the chosen thickness, the minimal cutting is 50*50cm.


Foams with WATERPROOF closed cells, resists water and floats without a sponge effect.

Warning: do not put heavy and pointed object to avoid marks and permanent stamp effects.

Available density: